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Project Management

Project management and site supervision

Project Management is essential to our business. No project can go well without meticulous project management. Ultimately, the success of our company is based on the success of our project managers.

BLC management system focuses on time management, cost management, work performance and emphasizes on multifunctional teamwork.

We believe in proactive management and integrated problem solving and risk management, which improves efficiency and increases profitability through better utilization of resources.

The success of BLC projects are dependent on a manager's decisions in face of time and budget constraints for achieving the project goals and objectives.
Generally, BLC project managers take responsibility for enhanced planning, cost estimation and control, leading towards a more consistent achievement of goals, objectives and milestones. To achieve this, project managers make a serious commitment towards the project goals.

In BLC Technologies , project managers focus on deliverable and not just the availability of resources. The project managers establish their efficient teams by cultivating effective communication, teamwork, trust, and reward their achievements accordingly.
Control systems are set up for cost, risk, quality, communication, time, procurement and human resources. BLC Technologies carefully monitors global markets focusing on energy sector, global economy and financial markets; Objectives of project managers in BLC Technologies are to minimize changes to the scope of the projects by committing themselves to realistic objectives and by focusing to identify and to solve problems early, quickly, and cost effectively.
To realize all the above BLC Technologies controls and manages its projects using the required tools, techniques and software benefiting from professional experts to identify any obstacle as per the systematic approach for project identification, providing the project managers with the required decision making tools in order to achieve client satisfaction..

  • Project planning & cost control
  • HSE plan
  • Management, coordination, supervision
  • QA/QC master plan
  • Simulations to optimize mounting / unmounting
  • Works safety planning, prevention plans
  • Inspection
  • Works acceptance
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning
  • Start-up
  • Performance test
  • After sales services