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Supply Chain Management

BLC Engineering Supply Chain Department has the ability to provide professional support for various projects with a variety of procurement services.

The department’s goal is to provide quality work in acquiring equipment, bulk material, spare parts and support the projects by on-time delivery and at a reasonable price ranges. In order to meet project requirements and specifications the department’s staffs rely on their technical background and commercial experience.

The Supply Chain Department provides services for procurement of process and mechanical equipments, instrumentation and control systems, telecommunications and electrical equipments.

It also procures bulk material such as structural material, pipelines and piping material.
To provide the best possible service, the Supply Chain Department supports the above activities with its sourcing and expediting experts. In addition to procurement, the Supply Chain Department coordinates end-user personnel training and equipment commissioning.

New vendor names are added to the Vendor’s List based on their qualifications received in the pre-qualification questionnaire.