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Engineering studies

BLC provides engineering and support services from feasibility study through commissioning and operation.

Support is made available through comprehensive database of standards conforming to latest international practice and using of internationally recognized software packages and in-house developed packages.

To be able to design and advise on the construction and fabrication of compact, reliable and effective packages, BLC Technologies Department benefits from skilled and knowledgeable experts working in various disciplines using latest know-how and specialized computer softwares.

Engineering and Documents Management System (EDMS) software, designed in-house, supports the department for better management of the engineering activities. In order to utilize our financial resources optimally and not to be entangled in project staffing deviations, and in order to gain licensing know-how, BLC may assist EPC companies for the outsourcing of their engineering design activities. This cooperation is extended to consulting engineering firms. The engineering department offers its services in the area of conceptual, basic, detail and installation engineering for the process and design.
To control the fabrication process, field engineering stations are setup at fabrication yards with computer and software facilities such as 3D modeling that is connected to central office via extensive and sophisticated communications network.


    • Process simulation using simulation software : Hysys and PRO II
    • Equipment process design : S/T using HTFS, Pump sizing, Compressor etc…
    • Complete process design with performance guarantee (oil - water separation, gas processing, gas recovery etc..)
    • Hydraulic design
    • Flare sizing and debottlenecking
    • Design review and optimization including value engineering


    • Calculation and Simulation
    • Electrical Specification (LV up to HV)
    • Single one diagram
    • Wiring diagram
    • Equipment Datasheet
    • Electrical layouts

Instrumentation and Automation

    • Instrument specification & Datasheet
    • Suppliers technical clarifications
    • Instrument List
    • Instruments Hook-up
    • Wiring diagram
    • Functional analysis
    • FAT and SAT
    • Instrument layouts

3D modelling

    • 3D modelling using PDMS, Microstation and AutoCAD
    • 2D drawing P&ID, PFD, vessel
    • Internal equipments using Solidworks.
    • Iso-metric
    • Foundation loads

Ingénerie de détail

    • Note de calcul Structure avec STAAD Pro
    • Note de calcul de stress avec Caesar II
    • Note de calcul d’éclairage
    • Nomenclature de matériel (structure, piping, grating, main-courante etc…)
    • Sketch Equipemen( bidon …) avec orientation des piquages
    • Cahier de supportage

Safety in Design

    • Calculation note for Explosive area (ATEX…)
    • Review: HAZID, HAZOP, QRA, FRA, SIL...
    • Risks Analysis
    • Safety Concept
    • FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis)